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When I returned, they were still hanging around our table with Andy and Chris to talk. Chris 's attitude was silent and upset about what was behind him, leaned over to kiss his cheek, my arms around him and whispered in his ear words of love. I told Chris, how sexy and I felt like I was probably when I felt fingers in my vagina. I held my reaction so as not to surprise and Chris decided to stay calm. I almost bit the ears homexvideo of Chris, and two fingers were pushed into me and felt another hand between my legs, forced me to widen my stance. More hands felt within my usual search of my tits. I had to move a little homexvideo so that Chris could not feel my hands in the head in the dark madness, clipping the bra discover my breasts with his hands only to be replaced kneaded like bread left. I shuddered, trying to control a violent orgasm finger fucking - and - chest massage. I was soaked. I retired from the men and took my place in front of Chrand Andy. Chris seemed much more relaxed and showed no signs of anxiety when Andy put his hands on his knees. Without wishing to Andy took me out of my skirt and spread my legs as much as I could. The cry of every man that makes me hot. Andy could not get out of my eyes. I followed his gaze, he had to see my pussy dripping wet and was open all the red color keying. Andy got on my knees took me to the edge of the table, his hands pushed my thigh and press the thumb of his right hand on my clit and homexvideo then paste in my pussy. His left hand shot up shows me that my breasts were bared before. As a massage and kneaded and squeezed my right breast (I love my chest, which was a little more or less) loosened his grip slipped cherry hampered its caressing my tits. I took off my jacket, took the top and sat there topless, as Andy remains unanswered, and the work of your thumb and fingers in the pussys against my clit takes me to a strong orgasm drowned out by applause. Andy quickly reminded that it was after hours. Andy pulled his finger from my pussy was wet and shiny. I watched as she slid from his chair and knelt between my legs. I started a little as he pushed his tongue into my pussy. He licked the inside of me in a sweeping motion, the sun set, homexvideo licked her lips around my pussy and lick my clit. I was in heaven! I looked up and saw that all men masturbate with the exception of Chris, a little angry and some. I was in sight of eight spines homexvideo of different sizes ( the largest being about 8 cm, the smallest of 4 inches, and different strengths ), which fascinates the same time. I closed my eyes, as the language of my pussy homexvideo and Andy took me to another orgasm. At this point I was not homexvideo even aware that Chris is observed in the room with eight other men who were engaged in masturbation scene was. I was surprised by the sudden splash of hot milk on my naked torsoAndy also made the work as a cum fell on homexvideo his bald head. Andy was in his homexvideo 40 years and very homexvideo handsome, despite his stature. It was just my size, but a very athletic. Andy stood up and shouted to the men, there is no hitch in his pub. He made a couple of guys take drinks on the table, pour new drinks in glasses of fresh, clean the semen off the table and the towel on the chest. took out his handkerchief from the man who brought him, sat down beside me and put my hand on his cock continued to wipe the semen from my boobs and belly. The cold wetness on my nipples erect fact, Andy started sucking and nibbling. I stroke his cock and squeezed his growing excitement I feel about my nipples. I realized that someone on my left. When I turned my head to see who it was, I felt a hand behind his head and a tail press to his lips. Without thinking, I opened my mouth and slowly I felt my tongue and roof of the slideMy mouth. The owner has the back of my head and started pushing my mouth shit, I was the gag. Not last long, but with cock pumping hot cum in the back of the throat that had no choice but to swallow. He said as she shook and licked around her, until she returned. I looked up and saw the owner was a man and sixties also had emptied the cock I was about 7 cm and thickness. It was his sperm.
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